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If you are an Asian Australian psychologist or mental health social worker who is interested in being listed on the Asian Australian Mental Health Practitioner List, please fill out this form.

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Listing your details on this site costs $240.00 AUD per year.


This fee will include your details being sent to our mailing list of 500+ therapy ready clients every month. The list is also shared fortnightly on our social media with 2000+ targeted followers. You will also be eligible to promote your practice further by sharing a short Q&A with Shapes and Sounds.

Once there are 60+ practitioners on the list, your fee will also cover networking and peer-support opportunities.

You will receive a 3-month trial period from the date your details are listed, before payment is required. Payment is via credit card or bank transfer.


Shapes and Sounds reserves the right to adjust these terms to better serve our community.


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