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Gendered Expectations in Asian Australian Culture Online

Live free of expectations and be your truest self.

Designed and delivered by registered psychologist, Vi-An Nguyen and founder of Shapes and Sounds, Asami Koike.

💡"After completing this program, I realised how much I needed it and have needed something like this for so long!

This program fills a mental health gap for Asian Australians and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take care of their mental health and learn more about their cultural identity." - Jen

These four video modules will help you overcome expectations so that you can be your truest self.

  1. Exploring our roots: History and ancestral culture deeply impact who we are today. Explore your's in depth through guided activities.
  2. Playing the gender roles: The construct of gender impacts how we interact with the world. Understand the limitations that you feel bound by.
  3. Family ties: Often our greatest source of both joy and pain. Our expert therapists will help you dive into your intergenerational trauma safely.
  4. Taking action: Transform all this knowledge that you've gained into constructive action that will dramatically shift your life.

What you'll receive:

  • Immediate access to the program
  • 4 jam packed video modules that combine evidence-based theory, personal stories and reflective prompts
  • A PDF workbook to collate all your reflections

Money back guarantee

We understand how nuanced and well-timed mental health care needs to be. If you're not happy with the program: show us proof that you've completed all the activities via email and we'll return your money back in full.

If you have any questions about the program, email our team HERE.

NB. This program has been designed by qualified mental health practitioners, however it is not a replacement for individual therapeutic care.

Please always consult with your trusted GP when making changes to your mental health care.

What People Are Saying:

Asami and Vi created a safe and welcoming space to explore and discuss thinking around the impact and expectations of being an Asian Australian. The course provided information guiding deeper thought around various influences on one's mental health, including cultural impact, and provided safe frameworks for further thinking.

A. M.

The Gendered Expectations program helped me to better understand the systemic and cultural context that affects our mental health. I found the module on Confucius particularly enlightening and could see many parallels with my family's beliefs. I also enjoyed the facilitation style and reflective activities.

M. P.