$385.00 AUD

Creativity for Mental Health.

Half day urban retreat.

North Melbourne | Saturday August 26th | 1pm - 5pm.

Experience a deeply unique workshop designed for and by the Asian Australian community.

Restore your sense of self amongst a supportive community through activities such as:

  • Journaling
  • Creative arts
  • Breath work
  • Group discussions.

Your experiences will be held and nurtured by our trauma-informed, culturally-responsive therapists.

🎨Creative arts therapy is an experiential form of psychotherapy that includes expressive modalities such as painting, sculpture, movement, music, as an immersive way of gaining knowledge and insight.

Creative processes can help you to explore and express feelings that may be hard to put to words and find new pathways towards healing.

Creative arts therapy works in conjunction with contemporary neurobiological research into trauma, which suggests that body based awareness effectively addresses emotional and physical anguish.

✨Facilitators: Stef Kam (M.AThr), Registered Art Therapist. Asami Koike (M.MusThrpy), Registered Music Therapist.

Places are strictly limited to 15 participants.

Please email us for student pricing.

đź’ˇBefore signing up, please ensure that you have confirmed whether this program is right for you via this checklist.


What People Are Saying:

S&S has given me the space to explore and embrace my cultural identity - something that's not easy to come by! I honestly feel this has had a huge impact on my mental health - it was a missing component that I couldn't find support for. Understanding, validation, and connection are the top 3 things I think you'll get out of S&S :)


Joining Shapes and Sounds was my way of investing in myself and my mental health in 2022. I felt like I needed something to hold me accountable for taking care of my mental health, and Shapes and Sounds definitely did that, but also did so much more! It opened me to a community of like-minded individuals who were openly and vulnerably sharing their thoughts on difficult but relevant situations many of us as Asian Australians have faced, and providing validation and feedback to me as well.


I've never experienced anything like Shapes and Sounds before and I thought that engaging last year was invaluable - especially as each program was Asian Australian focused, the understanding of the nuances and shared experiences felt more meaningful.