The Shapes and Sounds Club.
Group Guidelines 2022.

Creating a space where we can talk about our mental health openly, requires us all to play our part in prioritising our safety and wellbeing.

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Group Guidelines.

  • This is not a crisis support group.
    • Do not post on this group discussion if you are experiencing a crisis or in acute distress. Instead, please call 000 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.
    • Do not ask any other members to call these services for you.
    • Do not ask for direct advice for any mental health concerns from other members
    • Do not provide any direct advice to other members. Instead, email [email protected] with the nature of your concern within 24 hours of any incidents occurring.
  • Privacy is essential.
    • An overarching rule is that what gets shared here, stays here UNLESS you specifically gain permission from another member to share their ideas/story.
    • Protect your own privacy by using discretion when sharing your contact details, workplace, etc.
    • Practice due diligence when contacting others privately outside of the group discussion as Shapes and Sounds will not get involved in any personal matters between participants.
  • Understand that we are all at different stages of our mental health journeys.
    • Be empathic, patient and respectful in all your communication with other members.
    • If and when someone shares something that feels ignorant or rude, work to communicate your frustrations or concerns in a way that does not attack the other individual. We are all here to learn.
      • Use language like, “I feel like I might not be understanding what you’re saying, could you explain a little further?”
    • If you would like Shapes and Sounds to moderate any conversations, please send us an email at [email protected]. Do not tag us in the discussion.
  • No derogatory language.
    • Do not use language that actively targets, discriminates or dehumanizes an individual or a group of people. This includes being mindful of the language you use to describe white people.
    • Derogatory language does not cover the use of swear words that help you to illustrate how you are feeling.
  • Your comments are read and moderated.
    • This group discussion is moderated by Shapes and Sounds on all weekdays excluding public holidays.
    • We reserve the right to delete, remove, or contact you regarding any of the posts that you share.
    • This does not mean that we are able to reply to every single comment in the group discussion.
    • If you find any post/comment concerning, please take a screenshot and email us at [email protected] and we will reply within 2 business days. Do not tag Asami or Vi-An when requiring support.
  • Keep it about our Asian Australian mental health and wellbeing community.
    • No marketing posts, no advertising, no offering of services/products.
  • No spin-off groups.
    • Do not create spin-off groups to go through the Shapes and Sounds content as this is a breach of copyright.
  • Payment terms.
    • Your first 30 days (annual) or 14 days (monthly) in the Shapes and Sounds Club are free and your credit card will be billed after this period. It is your responsibility to cancel your membership via our payment platform.
    • If your payment defaults, you will be removed from the Discord Server until payment is received.
  • Shapes and Sounds provides general mental health advice only.
    • When seeking to make changes to your mental health care, you must always seek individualised support from your health professional.
  • These guidelines may change on occasion and if so, all members will be notified.


Available only for Annual members and Gold members.

How it works:

  • On the first business day of each month, you'll gain access to that month's self-learning module
  • Complete all tasks outlined in the self-learning module in full
  • Then, send it back to us via email to [email protected] , on or before the last day of the calendar month (ie. April's module will be due on April 30th at 11.59PM AEST)
  • The learning module will also ask you to show evidence that you've responded to each of the weekly prompts within the designated 7 days time frame (a screenshot will suffice)If you've completed all components of the module, one of the therapeutic team will provide you some individualised feedback, via email.
  • If you complete all 12 modules in 12 months, you will be eligible to receive your joining back in full once you send us a 50 word testimonial of your experience.


  • You must sign up for one of our Annual Membership Plans to access this feature
  • On completion of your annual membership (April 2023), you must submit a 50 word testimonial to receive your refund
  • You must complete all the written tasks outlined within each monthly learning module and all answers provided must be honest and relevant to the questions asked
  • You must submit your learning module by 11.59PM AEDT/AEST on the final day of the corresponding calendar month via email
  • You must complete all 12 learning modules across 12 months unless otherwise outlined by Shapes and Sounds
  • Your refund will be processed only to the credit card you used to purchase your membership


  • We understand that life happens however you cannot “catch up” on any learning modules that you have missed. Each learning module must be completed and submitted by 11.59PM AEDT/AEST on the final day of each corresponding month
  • You can still work through the module in your own time, however you will not be eligible for your refund
  • If you are facing financial hardship and will need this refund to access this program, please ask us about our Pay-It-Forward scheme via email here instead.
  • We will consider any technical issues that you face, however we will send all information regarding our platform Discord when you sign up to the program. You must follow all directions outlined and ensure that your app remains updated throughout the duration of the program.
    • We cannot consider any tech issues relating to an out-of-date version of the app.
    • We may allow you to "catch up" on any posts that you've missed if you've been affected by any technical issues. However this is at the discretion of Shapes and Sounds.


  • Your completed learning module will be kept securely by Shapes and Sounds and will only be accessed by our therapy team. No one outside of Shapes and sounds will see your answers as we work within strict privacy and ethics guidelines.
    • Please note that there are some topics such as suicide and homicide that we are legally bound to report if we assess that you are at risk of harming yourself or others.

These conditions may change at any time at the discretion of Shapes and Sounds, and all changes will be communicated in a timely manner.