💡What is Asian Australian mental health?


The term “Asian Australian mental health” highlights the pertinent role that culture plays in our mental health.

Asian cultures typically think about “mental health” in different ways to Western psychology, and as multi-cultural Asian Australians, we’ve often had to fill in the gaps or choose what works and doesn’t work for us when it comes to caring for our mental health.

Shapes and Sounds is the leading voice for Asian Australian mental health and we provide culturally-responsive information and advice for Asian Australians seeking to improve their mental health.

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How can I take care of my mental health?

There are two foundational steps to help you improve your mental health.

1. Self-reflection 

Being aware of our thoughts, feelings and sensations is crucial for strong mental health.

Guided self-reflection

2. Social connection

Human beings need strong relationships to feel well (yes, even introverts!)

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What people are saying about Shapes and Sounds...

"The Shapes and Sounds Club has changed my views about myself, my family and identity while recognising how I view the world has been shaped by how I grew up. It's a beautifully complex thing that really affects your mental health in ways I didn't realise!"

"I feel more integrated with my culture, own experiences and those of my ancestors. I also feel more at home in my body, skin and lived experience of mental health. Thank you for creating the container to connect on an individual and collective level!"

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