Create life-changing habits and make life-long friends. 

A mental health membership program for Asian Australians.

Designed by experienced Asian Australian psychologists and therapists.

- Begins April 1st 2022! -


We've helped hundreds of Asian Australians to improve their mental health.

And we can't wait to support you too!

Shapes and Sounds is the leading voice for Asian Australian mental health.

Learn about our unique approach and how The Shapes and Sounds Club can help you, from our founder, Asami.


Our programs make impact and change lives.


"I don't think I have seen anything else like this, where there is a forum dedicated specifically to investigating Asian Australian identity as well as mental health. Being able to spend time each day to reflect, respond and read other people's responses to prompts helped me to process my own line of thinking and feel connected to a community committed to wanting to know themselves better."


"Turns out, my mental wellbeing has got a lot to do with acceptance of who I am culturally. I feel alive because I was seen, heard and understood in the space that Asami and Vi-An had held for us. Thank you Shapes and Sounds for this creative, nurturing and mind-blowing experience!"

A. P.

"Shapes and Sounds has created a genuinely safe community for Asian Australians to explore identity, mental health and connect with others who have either gone through or are currently going through similar experiences. The program has equipped me with skills to take better care of my mental health. The peer support has been outstanding and there's a real sense of togetherness within the community."

What you'll learn in the Club.

How will this improve my mental health?


1. Self-reflection is an evidence-based strategy that improves emotional intelligence.

  • Our learning modules will help you strengthen your self-reflection skills so that you deeply understand your values, goals and interests. This forms the foundation for creating meaningful change in your life.

2. Social connection is a neurobiological human need.

  • The Club offers you connection to a thriving Asian Australian community that will allow you to feel safe and welcomed as your full, complex and multi-cultural identity.

3. Connecting culture and mental health just makes sense.

  • If you've felt like something's been missing in your mental health care, let us show you how connecting the dots between mental health and culture can help you to amplify your wellbeing.

Your membership benefits:

Advice and Support
Self-paced learning
Deep connection
True belonging

Pricing options.

Our Annual Plans:

Commit for a year to see real and meaningful change.

You'll have the opportunity to claim your full joining fee back (see our bonus feature below!)

15% discount and a 30-day trial.

Our Monthly Plans:


Take it one month at a time.

14 day trial.

- ANNUAL - Essentials


Most popular.

  • Monthly worksheets
  • Access to our Discord community
  • Access to our Bonus Feature (see below!)


- ANNUAL - Premium


Less than one psychology session.

  • Monthly worksheets
  • Access to our Discord community
  • Access to our Bonus Feature (see below!)
  • Monthly zoom meet ups with our therapeutic team and other like-minded Asian Australians. (First Thursday of every month at 7pm AEST).

- MONTHLY - Essentials


At your own pace.

  • One month's worksheet
  • Access to our Discord community for one month


- MONTHLY - Premium


Deepen your connection.

  • One month's worksheet
  • Access to our Discord community for one month
  • One zoom meet-up with our therapeutic team and other like-minded Asian Australians. (First Thursday of every month at 7pm AEST).


Meet your Asian Australian psychologists and therapists.

Your core therapeutic team.

Asami (she/her)

(MMusThrpy, BMus)

Asami is a first-generation immigrant from Japan. She's the founder of Shapes and Sounds and is a registered music therapist and yoga teacher with over 17 years experience working in the acute youth mental health, trauma and community sectors. 

Vi-An (she/her)

(MOrgPsych, BPsych(Hons), BSoSci(Psych))

Vi-An is a second-generation Vietnamese-Australian. She's a psychologist (organisational psychology registrar) who specialises in cross-cultural psychology and women's health. She has a background in management consulting for organisational and leadership development. She has developed programs across diverse industries and now works in the health space, for individuals and organisations. 

Stef (she/they)

(MAThr, BFA)

Therapeutic Support.

Stef was raised in Hong Kong and is a second-generation Australian-born Chinese living in Narrm. They are a multi-disciplinary artist and registered art therapist with experience working with a range of clients from ages 13 to 78 in acute and sub-acute mental health, family violence, and disability sectors.

Smruthy (she/they)

(MPsych, BPsych)

Program Design.

Smruthy was born in India and moved to Australia after founding a mental health organisation in Chennai in 2012. She specialises in working with people of multicultural, LGBTIQA+ and neurodiverse identities. Committed to intersectionality and collaboration, she uses a trauma-informed,culturally responsive and person-centred practice framework.

Marcus (he/him)


Community Moderator.

Marcus is a second-generation Chinese-Australian, however, has lived most of his life in Hong Kong before moving back to Australia in 2017. He is currently a second-year Psychology student at the University of Melbourne and is interested in understanding human behaviour and the multitude of factors that influence how people make sense of their own lives.


More on the Bonus Feature.

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