Meet Asian Australian Counsellor, Geetu Vanjani

interview mental health Jul 20, 2023
A photo of Asian Australian Counsellor, Geetu Vanjani

We know that it's not always easy trying to work out which therapist we might like to work with: Because the decision isn't just about where they're located and when they're available, but there's a bit more of a human, relational element to the decision too.

So here at Shapes and Sounds, we want to help make that process just a little easier.

Every month, we'll be introducing a therapist from the Asian Australian Mental Health Practitioner List to help you gain a bit more insight into who you feel might be a good fit for you or someone that you know.

This month we're excited to connect you with Geetu Vanjani who is a counsellor working at Integral Pieces (offering services in NSW and Telehealth sessions Australia-wide). We hope you enjoy connecting with Geetu below!


1. What led you to choosing psychology as a career?

Funnily, I began my professional career as a High School English Teacher, and although I loved dissecting Queen Mab's speech in Act 4 of Romeo and Juliet with my Yr 9 class, I quickly realised that I was more passionate about the stories, identities, challenges & growth my students and their families were processing. Having mentored students and early career teachers, I found my curiosity in interpersonal relationships and knew it was time to pivot.

As a counsellor, I have deep respect for every person's story & believe that therapy is a space where we can quieten the noise to access that wisdom within. As a facilitator, I derive tremendous joy in sharing space with community & groups because I have witnessed first-hand the tremendous impact collective conversation can have in shaping our resilience, compassion & outlook in life.

2. What is your unique cultural heritage?

I am Indian by heritage, I grew up in Taiwan - went to an American International School and migrated to Australia as a wide-eyed university student at 18! I've been here ever since.

3. What are your areas of specialty and what kind of frameworks do you work from?

My philosophy is a ‘human first’ approach, and I aim to create a supportive & judgment-free space for you to think deeply, have your ‘AHA!’ moments, and foster personal agency in your life. Navigating uncertainty, change & new life stages can pose unexpected challenges and also be the catalyst for change. Having lived-experience of immigrating to a new place, I recognise what it takes to uproot one's life: becoming independent and rebuilding support.

I enjoy incorporating a blend of therapeutic modalities in working with clients to tailor support to their unique circumstances. I use a range of approaches including: ACT, CBT, Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Solution-Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Compassion-Focused Therapy.

4. What kind of clients are you best able to support?

I enjoy working with individuals aged between 18-40 years old, and the areas we can explore together include: Career & Study, Stress & Burnout, Relationships , Life Transitions, Grief & Loss, Loneliness, Anxiety & Worry, Imposter Syndrome & Perfectionism, Culture & Identity - The Migrant & Expat Experience, Family & Intergenerational issues.

5. If you could be your own therapist right now, what do you think you would say to yourself?

Take a deeeeeeeep belly breath, and gently ask yourself, 'what is my reality right now?'


Connect with Geetu via our Asian Australian Mental Health Practitioner List HERE.

Alternatively, if you feel like Geetu may be a good fit for someone that you know, be sure to forward this page on to them too. Let us continue to not only support ourselves but all those around us too!

If you require urgent assistance, please do not contact Geetu or any of the practitioners on this list. Instead, please call emergency services on 000 or call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Shapes and Sounds does not recommend or endorse Geetu or any of the practitioners listed on the Asian Australian Mental Health Practitioner List.

Please always consult your GP before making changes to your mental health care plan.

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