wellbeing Jun 04, 2021

Melbourne, here we are in the midst of lockdown once again.

To hopefully create a little bit of ease and joy during this time, we've invited back our good friend Vivan Vo, aka Small FRY, to create a playlist for us all.

Here are some of the features:

  • The playlist features Asian diaspora artists and focuses heavily on Asian Australian artists. Let us celebrate and amplify the creativity of our amazing community.
  • The playlist is 2 hours long, exactly our designated ration of outdoor time. Press play and focus on whatever it is that you're doing and the music will tell you when playtime is over.
  • The playlist moves from slow/sad/mellow towards a more upbeat, energised and joyful state. This transition in the playlist is a fundamental music therapy principle called the ISO-principle that outlines how we can shift our mood states using music. If you're feeling low, it can feel jarring for the body to listen to an uplifting song straight away. Instead, our mood shifts much more swiftly when we first meet our mood state where it is (perhaps with a sad song) and then gradually work up towards that uplifting song. 

And here's the playlist: 

You can also find the playlist linked HERE.

Why music?

Human beings have long turned to music during times of hardship, or in times where words just aren't quite enough to express how we're feeling. From the presence of music at religious ceremonies, funerals, weddings, in preparation for war etc., we've also been using music since the beginning of time to bring together, connect and strengthen communities. 

And right now feels a bit like that, Covid is a big "thing" that brings forward so many different thoughts and feelings that can at times be hard to express clearly. We're also separated from our friends, families and broader communities and so we hope that this playlist helps us to feel somewhat connected even though we're all listening to it at different times.

Please save it and send it to your friends to spread some joy this weekend in lockdown!

Original photo: Vivan Vo

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