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Triple J host and future traditional Chinese medicine doctor, Jade Zoe made us the most joyful playlist, featuring an all Asian diaspora lineup!

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As a registered music therapist, it's important for me to leave a quick note to talk about why music "helps" when we're feeling a bit crappy.

For as long as humans have existed, sound and music have always held two very important roles. Firstly, our brains and bodies respond swiftly to things that are rhythmic. So something like music, that has a consistent and steady rhythm, affects our brain stem and this allows us to experience very foundational levels of feeling safe and being "okay".

Secondly, humans have always used music to make sense of complex and intense experiences. That's why even now, music is almost always present during weddings, funerals, in preparation for war (that could be in the context of competitive sport), or religious events/rituals. Music is that thing that connects people in times when words just aren't quite enough.

And I'd say a global pandemic is one of those times... there aren't quite enough words to capture the sense of collective burnout and exhaustion that we're all feeling.

Anyway, enough of my theory lesson! I hope that this playlist helps to spark a little bit of energy into your day and as a bonus, helps you to feel connected to, and proud of your Asian diaspora identity too!

You can open up the playlist HERE.

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