Shapes and Sounds Summer Playlist

wellbeing Dec 06, 2020

It's been a big year to say the least, so now as we head into Summer, we wanted to give you a little present just for making it through. 

HERE is a wonderfully Summery, fun, joyous playlist that you can use to celebrate all that we've gone through and all that we've learned this year:

Created by our good friend, Small FRY, the Shapes and Sounds in Summer playlist celebrates artists with Asian ancestry from all over the globe.

Small FRY is an artist manager, with a focus on Asian-Australian and female musicians, specialising in electronic and pop music. She is managing a nest for Rainbow Chan and Yeo. She is also the co-founder of the collective Big Bao, which curates events and parties showcasing people of colour and womxn.

You might also remember that she made us a  Winter playlist when we were deep in our long, dark, lockdown a few months ago (find it HERE).

Our Summer playlist again reminds us of the importance of engaging with artists with Asian ancestry because when we decolonise our music, the soundtrack to our lives becomes more aligned with our own experiences.

Allow our Shapes and Sounds playlist to be the soundtrack to your Summer. I hope it helps you to celebrate your Asian Australian identity and acknowledges all of the thinking and learning around race, culture, identity and belonging that you've done this year. It can be heavy work and it's important to incorporate joy and celebration into our continual process of healing.

Turn to this playlist when you need to create a vibe or some atmosphere at any upcoming holiday events and make sure to share it with your friends too!



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