August Newsletter: We've partnered with Monash University

newsletter Aug 01, 2023

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Tailoring mental health interventions to acknowledge and address people's cultural identities, has been found to significantly improve treatment outcomes. However to date, there's very little evidence to assist clinicians in tailoring treatments, which contributes to poorer mental health outcomes for people of Asian identities.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that we've recently partnered with the Culture, Trauma and Mental Health Research Group at Monash University's prestigious Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health.

The Culture, Trauma and Mental Health Research Group undertakes cutting-edge research exploring the influence of culture on current understandings and treatment of trauma and mental health. 

This partnership helps to address the evident gaps between academia and community, and is frankly a huge step forward for the future of Asian Australian mental health.

We're stoked to share this news with you and can't wait to share more as we progress!

For now though, we hope you enjoy our August newsletter below :)

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For therapists: Develop your culturally-responsive practice at our next professional development session, Connect and Grow on September 14th at 7.00pm AEST.

Learning theme: Navigating cultural burnout 

For the general public: Improve your mental health and wellbeing at our next FREE Community Check-In (formerly the Shapes and Sounds Club) on October 10th at 7.30pm AEST.

This session is facilitated by our team of Asian Australian psychologists and therapists.

🦉Some interesting mental health info:

📺 The news: Representation across mental health practitioners is profound and powerful and this article explores why.

📚 Academia: Here's an article by the lead researcher of the Culture, Trauma and Mental Health group that we've partnered with, exploring how cultural identity influences the role social support plays in response to PTSD.

- Participate in research - 

Join the Culture, Trauma and Mental Health group's latest research exploring the differences between people of Chinese or Western identities here!

🎨 The arts: This book titled "Yellowface" looks like an incredible examination of cultural-appropriation, however I feel like it might be a deeply painful read too...

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🎤 Therapist spotlight.

Get to know PACFA certified practicing counsellor, Geetu Vanjani via our interview:

"I aim to create a supportive & judgment-free space for you to think deeply, have your ‘AHA!’ moments, and foster personal agency in your life."

"I aim to create a supportive & judgment-free space for you to think deeply, have your ‘AHA!’ moments, and foster personal agency in your life." 

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✍️ A journaling prompt for August: 

For decades, psychology has predominantly focused on Western understandings of mental health which has then prioritised  Western cultural values, beliefs, and norms.

What then, are some of the ways in which you might incorporate different understandings of mental health from your ancestral culture, into your mental health care?

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We shared this video about remembering to care for yourself when you're busy, not just when you have the time for it. Self-care when you're stressed 

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