The Asian Australian Mental Health Practitioner List

Review our list of psychologists, counsellors and mental health social workers from across Australia.

Telehealth Australia-Wide

Anushka Phal

Umeed Psychology

Registered Psychologist
Email[email protected] 
Phone: 0422 286 076
Location: Telehealth Australia-wide 

Baby Foo

Head in the Clouds

Clinical Psychologist 
Email[email protected]
Location: Surry Hills, NSW / Telehealth Australia-wide
Area of specialtyDepression, low self-esteem, general anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, OCD, procrastination, adjustment to illness (e.g. oncology, palliative care), death anxiety and existential distress, carer stress, grief, managing difficult family relationships, stress related to work and studies, university students, navigating transitions in life, relationship and communication skills, alcohol and substance use, and gambling. Trained in ACT, CBT, DBT, and EMDR.

Bee Teng Lim

Mind Health Collective

Clinical Psychologist  
Email[email protected] 
Phone: 02 8026 0889
Location: North Strathfield 
Area of specialty: Mood and emotional difficulties (e.g., depression, anxiety, stress, life transitions), complex trauma and grief, identity exploration and self-development (e.g., spiritual concerns, racial identity, multicultural issues), health concerns and behavioural medicine (e.g., chronic illness management, health behaviour change), and couples and family relationship counselling. Trained in CBT, ACT, DBT and EMDR; and currently undergoing advanced accreditation program for Schema Therapy. 

Dr Beulah Joseph

Kiru Psychology Services

Registered Psychologist 
Email[email protected] 
Location: NSW / Telehealth Australia-wide
Area of specialty: Individual therapy for 18+ clients covering a range of areas including stress, life satisfaction, depression, anxiety, sexual identity, gender identity, grief/loss, transitions and adjustment, managing uncertainty, self esteem, relationship conflict, family and extended family relationships, anger.

Chris Tran

Enhancing Minds

Registered Psychologist
Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 0456 237 658
Location: Sydney, NSW / Telehealth Australia-wide

Ghassani Swaryandini

Ghassani Swaryandini Psychology

Registered Psychologist 
Online booking:
Brisbane, QLD / Telehealth Australia-wide
Areas of specialty: 
Youth mental health, stress, body image, anxiety, low self-esteem.


Sheyan Gunapala

Ascension Assessment and Therapy & Blokes Psychology

Registered Psychologist
Website and
Email[email protected] or [email protected]
Location: Richmond, VIC / Telehealth Australia-wide
Areas of specialty: Diagnostic assessments of Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities (e.g dyslexia) and Intellectual Disabilities for children and adults. Counselling for: Men's mental health, Postnatal Depression and Anxiety (Men), Anger Management, Adolescent/Adult Neurodiversity, Relationship Difficulties, Excessive Gaming, Anxiety, Depression, Body Image Difficulties, Grief, Life Transitions, Low Self Esteem, Social Anxiety and Stress Management

Tatiana Kunwongse

Queens of Cups Counselling & Kundalini House

Location: Fitzroy North / Telehealth Australia-wide
Areas of specialty: Stress management, anxiety, depression, motivation, anger management, body image, sexuality, relationships, co-dependency, friendships, family dynamics, self-esteem, self-confidence, grief, multiculturalism/third culture kids, trauma, living with ADHD, career and work.

Tony Nguyen

Tony Nguyen Psychology

Registered Psychologist
Email[email protected] 
Phone: 0416 634 096
Location: Southbank, VIC / Telehealth Australia-wide
Areas of specialty
Depression, stress, anxiety, workplace issues, career, addiction (gaming), men's issues, identity, intellectual disability.

Dr Valerie Lieu

Head in the Clouds

Clinical Psychologist
Email[email protected]
Location: Surry Hills, NSW / Telehealth Australia-wide
Area of specialtyPTSD and complex trauma (childhood trauma, relational trauma, and first-responders), longstanding difficulties with depression and anxiety, grief and traumatic loss (including palliative care), bipolar disorders, suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and psychotic disorders. Trained in CBT, ACT, EMDR, schema therapy, and mindfulness-based therapies.

Veronica Ing

One Life Psychology

Clinical Psychologist
Email[email protected]     
Phone: 0432 189 786
Location: Fairfield West, NSW / Telehealth Australia-wide
Areas of expertise: Depression, low mood, anxiety, panic, acute and complex trauma, emotion regulation including anger management, low self-worth, feeling lost and stuck in life, relationship and family dynamics, existential and spiritual concerns, adjusting to major life transitions, chronic pain or chronic health problems.

Vi-An Nguyen

An Tam Coaching and Psychology

Organisational Psychology Registrar
Email: [email protected] 
Phone: 03 9690 1080
Location: Melbourne, VIC / Telehealth Australia-wide
Areas of specialty: work-related stress, coaching, cultural issues

Will Vuong

Wellspring Counselling

Accredited Mental Health Social Worker 
Email[email protected]
Phone: 0422 738 061
Location: Adelaide CBD / Telehealth Australia-wide
Areas of specialty/expertise: Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, grief and loss, men's mental health and wellbeing, relationship difficulties.


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